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The Wawayanda Walkers Group meets every Monday.
The Don’ t Wait to Lose Weight Group emails every Monday.
Flick Chicks meets Thursdays as scheduled by email.
The Working Women’ s Chat-a-Bit Group as scheduled by email.
Couples Dinner Group as scheduled by email.
The Let's Do Lunch Group meets the 3rd Thursday of each month.
The Book Group meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
The Breakfast Bunch meets the first Thursday of each month.
The Pili Aloha Group meets ad hoc.
The Sunshine Squad as required by email.
Pay It Forward donations accepted anytime.

To view current month specifics for one or more of the Interest Group activities - please click on the NEWSLETTER tab. Thank You!


West Milford Newcomers Club 2017-2018 Meeting Schedule
2nd Tuesday of each month at 9:30AM
September 2017 - meet and greet
October 2017 - Ricardo Pino, Director of the West Milford Liberary
November 2017 - Emmet Williams & Jasmyne Emmerick - Slide Presentation about their experience on the El Camino de Santiago Trail
December 2017 - Christmas Buffet Brunch
January 2018 - Shannon from Shannon's Eyes on the Pies
February 2018 - Karen Ortelani, JRW Jewelry Repair
March 2018 - Craft or Game Day
April 2018 - Heather Marion - Alpaca Farm "Humor Me Farm"
May 2018 - Outing to the West Milford Museum with Tonya Cubby
June 2018 - End of year party

Blanche A. DeSimone (2009 - present)