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Who are these Newcomers?

They are homemakers, with or without significant others or children, who have diverse talents, skills, interests, and experiences.

Newcomers are poets and writers, gardeners and herbalists, photographers and artists, singers and musicians, comedians and mimes, kayakers and bikers, pet lovers and tree huggers, employees and retirees, raconteurs and entrepreneurs ...... Ah! and so much more.


Their Business Information


THE DOE...... by Cheryl B.

RED PENCIL...... by Marge K.

IMAGINE...... by Mary L.


Blanche A. DeSimone
(Webmaster 2008 - present)

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The Newcomers radiate beauty
But please don't address them as cutie
They're tough to the core
Don't take bull anymore
You might get a kick in your booty! Cyndy T.

Newcomers are entertaining chatterers....

and superb listeners!