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Breakfast on a Whim

The "Breakfast Bunch" has something for everyone. The coffee flows like champagne as anywhere from 10-15 wild West Milford women gather to gossip a little, share news and laugh a lot. Join us each month for a walk on the wild side along with a short stack of blueberry pancakes!

Don't Wait to Lose Weight

And after those blueberry pancakes, your goal is simple: "to lose weight". The "Don’ t Wait to Lose Weight" offers a weekly scheduled group weigh-in to motivate its members to stay firmly committed on a daily basis to their individual weight-loss goals. Members are not required to divulge their weight, but only how many pounds they have lost or gained per week.

Let's Do Lunch

Explore the dining options in the area and enjoy some great company at the same time! "Let's Do Lunch" meets once per month at a different restaurant chosen for its food and ambiance, or just out of curiousity. Lively conversation and lots of laughs are guaranteed.

Dinner Night

A ladies' night-out without having to do anything but show up!!! It's what we all crave. You don't have to read a book or cook or walk around. It's the easiest night out with the girls and no dishes. Wunderbar!

A Book Group

Have a great love of literature? Then there's no substitute for rewarding and fulfilling traditional book club experience. Meeting once a month at different members' homes, the "Book Group" discusses, passionately yet respectfully, the book selected.


Blanche A. DeSimone
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